one guy, one computer, two good eyes for design

I’m not one of those huge internet design factories that churns out dozens of designs every day. I’m just a guy that has a good eye for design and listens to your needs and wants before I even start working on a project for you. I’m fast, friendly and affordable!

I’m also a believer in KISS…Keep It Simple, Stupid. Form follows function and the best way to keep a viewer is to not confuse them with too many flashy graphics or elements.

Although it’s tempting to build a site that I think looks good,
a designer should listen to the client and build the site to satisfy their needs and wants…but guiding them to the right decision along the way!

I’ve done dozens of logos and websites for every kind of client imaginable. Furniture stores, clothiers, photographers, real estate appraisers, soft-porn, food trucks, doctors, lawyers, religion haters, writers, psychics, decorators and even a couple of really freaky people.

All of them have been more than happy with what I did for them because I listen. I don’t even put my name on some of the sites as I’m not proud of them, but I like to eat so I do what I’m told. What I like and what I think is appropriate is not necessarily what the client wants. The beauty of the internet is that anything goes…literally anything.

I can usually hit the nail on the head with the first mock-up. I ask my clients to give me a few keywords, a few preferences on colors, fonts, etc. and take it from there. I spend a lot of time researching the latest design styles and web coding standards.

Above all your website should sell your product or service, not mine. Your site design should not overshadow your purpose. A stunning website design is subtle and memorable but not why people remember your domain name. I’ll make sure they remember your URL because they want to buy your product, not because of me.

Click here to see some of the sites I’ve done.